How to Sell - Clear and Simple: by Harry Frisch. Based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard
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Anyone who wants successful sales and happy customers should read and use this book. It is easy to understand, and gives the reader the simple yet powerful tools of sales. It is not filled with gimmicks or tricks to get someone to buy. It explains how to use real tools based on communication and understanding to help prospects overcome their barriers when making a purchase.

—L.C., Sr. VP Sales

"This is the BEST
sales training manual
for anyone who
wants or needs
a sure-fire way
to learn or sharpen
his or her sales skills."
Introducing the world’s most effective system of win-win selling
HOW TO SELL – Clear and Simple is the first sales training book EVER to take the often-misunderstood principles of selling and make them clear and easy to understand and apply — while seamlessly incorporating the wisdom and technology of eminent philosopher, writer, humanitarian and master of organizational technology, L. Ron Hubbard. With 25 direct references on the subject of sales, communication and human interaction. (For more about the book, click here.)

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